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About Us

AEHI, Inc. (DBA Eagle-High International), is well recognized around the world as an integrated supplier of aviation materials such as raw and semi-finished metal materials and products, standard hardware, Consumables, chemicals as well as composites to the aerospace industry, OEMs, MRO’s and airlines.

The company’s core business is specialized in One Stop Sourcing for materials and products, and supply chain management services to aviation and aerospace industries worldwide.

As one of the valuable players in the supply chain management, AEHI provides various value-added services such as procurement management, machining and processing contracts, and International Business Consulting. AEHI is directly and indirectly involved in the subcontracting projects of GE, Boeing, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls-Royce, and Airbus, to list a few.

As a One Stop Source for all materials and products, customers receive everything from a single experienced and efficient supplier. Customers are able to realize instant savings by eliminating the internal costs associated with multiple transaction handling and plural expenses from the transportation.

To ensure our customer's satisfaction, AEHI follows and set of quality standards used to ensure the stringent requirements and customer satisfaction are met. The company is AS9120, ISO 9001 and FAA AC 00-56B registered.