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Metallurgical Materials

AEHI has been a reliable supplier of metal, ceramic, carbide, and specialty metallurgical products to the thermal spray and brazing industries in aerospace and aircraft sectors for over 20 years.

Our products are available in different types, such as powders, pastes, tapes and foils. Applications include abrasive, soldering, brazing, welding and spray.

Powders are available in different mesh sizes, and standard packaging include 5, 10, or 50 Lb. container.

Pastes are designed for easy application, long shelf life, and to have superior adhesion qualities. Standard packaging includes 3.5 Oz syringes, 8 Oz cartridges, and 5 Lbs bulk containers.

Tapes can be produced from any alloy that is available as a powder. They are available in thickness between 0.002 inches (0.05 mm) to 0.080 inches (2.0 mm), and in widths from 0.125 inches (3 mm) to 24 inches (600 mm). Tapes are available with or without a pressure sensitive adhesive backing.

Foils are available in several different alloy specifications in thicknesses ranging up to 0.003 inches (0.076 mm.)

Our products are available in all standard alloy designations, such as those specified by the American Metals Society (AMS), the American Welding Society (AWS), General Electric, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce and others.

Metallurgical Material Specifications ( Click for Detailed View )
CMF International CP5020 CP6006 CP6009 CP6017 CP6025
CP5023 CP6007 CP6010 CP6023 CP6027
CP6003 CP6008 CP6011 CP6024 CP6032
GE Aero Engine A50TF278 CL.A B50TF161 B50TF195 CL.A B50TF28 CL.A B50TF57 CL.A
A50TF278 CL.B&C B50TF161 CL.A B50TF198 B50TF287 B50TF63
A50TF87 CL.A B50TF161 CL.B B50TF202 B50TF288 B50TF63 CL.A
A50TF87 CL.B B50TF162 CL.A B50TF202 CL.A B50TF292 B50TF64 CL.A
A50TF87 CL.C B50TF166 CL.A B50TF202 CL.B B50TF30 CL.A B50TF72 CL.A
B50TF119 CL.A B50TF17 B50TF202 CL.D B50TF33 CL.A B50TF72 CL.B
B50TF119 CL.C B50TF173 B50TF202 CL.E B50TF40 CL.A B50TF81
B50TF119 CL.D B50TF173 CL.A B50TF203 CL.A B50TF40 CL.B B50TF81 CL.A
B50TF13 CL.B B50TF183 B50TF204 CL.A B50TF41 CL.A B50TF84 CL.A
B50TF137 CL.A B50TF183 CL.A B50TF205 CL.A B50TF42 CL.A B50TF90
B50TF137 CL.B B50TF185 B50TF206 CL.A B50TF52 CL.B B50TF92 CL.A
B50TF142 CL.A B50TF185 CL.A B50TF207 CL.A B50TF53 CL.B B50TF93
B50TF143 CL.A B50TF190 B50TF208 CL.A B50TF56 B50TF94
B50TF148 B50TF190 CL.A B50TF222 CL.A&C B50TF56 CL.A B50TF99
B50TF155 CL.A B50TF192 CL.A B50TF27 CL.A&B B50TF56 CL.B  
GE Powder System A50AG1 B50AG6(GT33) B50A889 B50A917 B50A960
A50A557 B50AG12 B50A890 B50A918  
A50A558 B50AG16 B50A891 B50A919  
A50A565 B50A842 B50A892 B50A920  
B50AG5 (GT20) B50A888 B50A893 B50A927  
Honeywell EMS 52432 CL.I EMS 52432 CL.XI EMS 52432 CL.XVII EMS 52432 CL.XXIV EMS 52432 CL.XXXI
EMS 52432 CL.II EMS 52432 CL.XII EMS 52432 CL.XXIX EMS 52432 CL.XXV EMS 52432 CL.XXXII
EMS 52432 CL.V EMS 52432 CL.XIII EMS 52432 CL.XX EMS 52432 CL.XXVI EMS 57750 TYPE I
EMS 52432 CL.VI EMS 52432 CL.XIV EMS 52432 CL.XXI & EMS 57737 EMS 52432 CL.XXVIII EMS 57737 TYPE I
EMS 52432 CL.VII EMS 52432 CL.XV EMS 52432 CL.XXII EMS 52432 CL.XXIX EMS 57735 TYPE I
EMS 52432 CL.IX EMS 52432 CL.XVI EMS 52432 CL.XXIII EMS 52432 CL.XXX M9157-M3955
Pratt & Whitney PWA 713 PWA 1306 PWA 1317 PWA 1337 PWA 1353
PWA 797 PWA 1307 PWA 1318 PWA 1347 PWA 1355
PWA 1179 PWA 1313 PWA 1319 PWA 1349 PWA 1364
PWA 1185 PWA 1315 PWA 1321 PWA 1352-1 PWA 1380
PWA 1302 PWA 1316 PWA 1335 PWA 1352-2 PWA 36099
PWA 1304        
Pratt & Whitney Canada CPW 213 CPW 236 CPW 387 CPW490 CPW 218
CPW 247 CPW388 CPW 517    
Rolls-Royce MSRR 9500/103 MSRR 9500/707 MSRR 9507/3 MSRR 9507/21 MSRR 9507/29
MSRR 9500/114 MSRR 9500/715 MSRR 9507/4 MSRR 9507/23 MSRR 9507/35
MSRR 9500/116 MSRR 9500/719 MSRR 9507/5 MSRR 9507/24  
MSRR 9500/700 MSRR 9500/97 MSRR 9507/8 MSRR 9507/27  
MSRR 9500/705 MSRR 9507/1 MSRR 9507/18 MSRR 9507/28  
Siemens SICOAT 2231 SICOAT 2453 SICOAT 3453 83324 83336
Snecma DMR 33-087 DMR 35-302 DMR 35-303 DMR 35-304 DMR 35-305
DMR 35-307 DMR 35-332      
American Welding Society BNi-1 BNi-3 BNi-5 BNi-7 BNi-9
BNi-1 BNi-4 BNi-6 BNi-8 BCo-1
American Metals Society AMS 4764 AMS4776 AMS4779 AMS4783 AMS 7875
AMS4770 AMS4777 AMS4782 AMS4787 AMS 7879
AMS4775 AMS4778